VOSS Lemon & Cucumber Flavoured Sparkling Water 12 x 330ml

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  • FLAVOURED SPARKLING: This crisp sparkling water has finer bubbles and a low mineral count which helps to keep its fresh, fruity taste. With zero calories but tons of flavour, Voss water is one of the purest bottles of water available with minimal Total Dissolved Solids
  • SPARKLING WATER: Voss water is sourced in Iceland, Norway and lies under layers of rock and sand which create a natural filter. Protected from air and other pollutants the end result is pure, refreshing and like no other water out there
  • LEMON CUCUMBER: A relaxing, zesty fruit blend which will transport you to the spa and into a zen zone. Flavoursome, without being overpowering and with no sugar, this flavoured sparkling water pairs perfectly with all cuisines and drinks
  • ON THE GO: These Voss bottles have been designed for those on the go. All the charisma, elegance and puirty of the classic Voss, minus the weight so you can grab and go. Made with high-grade PET plastic bottles so you can enjoy their fresh taste anywhere
  • 12 PACK: This pack of 12 x 330 ml Voss lemon cucumber sparkling water bottles are made with premium high-grade PET plastic. Perfect for taking outside the home and enjoying outside


Artesian Water, Natural Flavours. Carbon Dioxide & Sodium Bicarbonate added for flavour & balance